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31st Mar 2020

Wayne Denner is hosting a free Online Safety class through Facebook tonight

Melissa Carton

Really important for parents.

Right now we’re all spending a lot more time at home to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

While at home the majority of us will be using the internet as our main form of entertainment, whether it’s watching Netflix, connecting with family and friends on social media or online shopping.

Children in particular will be making more use of the internet, especially since many of them will be taking their school lessons through online classes or via email.

Given the increased amount of time that we will all be spending online, it’s now more important than ever to know how to keep our families safe while online.


Internet safety expert Wayne Denner will be hosting a free class in Online Safety tonight on his Facebook page and it’s something I would recommend all parents to tune in to.

I’ve been following Wayne’s Facebook page for years and he has some great tips for how you can keep you and your family safe while online.

Tonight (Tuesday) at 9.30pm Wayne will be discussing various online safety topics via Facebook Live.

He will be chatting about Online Safety in the Home, Online Scans, as well as Digital Wellbeing.

The class will only be half an hour long but it could make a huge difference to how we use the internet in our home and in particular, how we allow our children to use the internet.

Wayne has lots of videos you can watch at anytime on his Facebook page including one (featured above) on his new smartphone app for parents to help keep parents up to date with any apps their children might be using and how to keep them safe while using them.

Wayne’s free class kicks off at 9.30pm and will last until 10pm tonight on his Facebook.