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26th May 2021

What is a ‘Mammy Mot’ and why do we all need one in our life?

What is a 'Mammy Mot' and why do we all need one in our life?

You’ve heard of a ‘work wife’, well now there’s the ‘mammy mot’.

Motherhood can be difficult and it’s always good to have someone to fall back on for support. Sometimes though that’s easier said than done.

While my partner can be a great source of support, some days all I really want is a gal pal to kick back and have a good ole vent with.

Introducing the mammy mot!

When you’re about to become a mum people warn you about everything from engorged boobs to sleepless nights…no one warns you about how lonely it can be.

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, or a working mum, finding time to get out and socialise can be a challenge but it’s something we all need to do, especially for our mental health.

Finding a mate, or two, that you can meet up with on a regular basis will help to ward off feelings of isolation and depression and keep you in good spirits.

Looking after our mental well being should really be considered an essential part of parenting because we can’t look after our kids if we don’t look after ourselves.

There have definitely been times since I’ve had my kids that scrolling through my home feed I’ve envied the amount of time other people seem to have to meet up with friends.

It always seems to be the way that when I have time my friends are busy and when I have time, they’re busy.

This is where having a ‘mammy mot’ comes in handy.

A mammy mot is your go-to gal, someone you know will be there whenever you need her even if it’s just to be a friendly voice at the other end of a phone call.

I’m all for this idea and to be honest while I do have a few am always on the lookout for more ‘mammy mot’ to join my pram gang.

If anyone other gals out there fancy meeting up for some bants, DMCs (deep meaningful conversations) or maybe just to grab an iced coffee hit me up, I’m your woman!

Come to think of it, a mammy mot Tindr wouldn’t go amiss.

Women looking after other women is so important in a world that is constantly telling us we should be in competition with each other.

Being mates is so much better than being enemies, sure just think about all the clothes you can borrow.

So what do you think?

Do you have a ‘mammy mot’ and do you think we all need one to help get us through motherhood?