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28th Jul 2015

When we have kids: Parenting expectation vs. reality

Sive O'Brien

Remember when you thought you had parenthood all figured out? For many parents (including me) this was probably way before kids were even on the scene.

I used to have a preconceived idea of the kind of (amazing – obviously) parent I would be and what I would do. Like only feeding my child organic food I have lovingly made from scratch. Or never using the TV as a babysitter.

Obviously things changed when I actually became a mum. The reality of parenthood kicked in and I soon found myself doing some of the very things I swore I’d never do. I also quickly realised that the most important thing is to be the best mum you know how – even if that involves a little help from Peppa Pig every now and then.

This funny and relatable video called ‘When We Have Kids’ from the Andersons (you might remember one of their previous videos ‘Why Co-sleeping Is No Sleeping‘), features two parents-to-be talking about what they expect not only from parenthood, but also their future baby. The flashes to the present day, however, show the reality is very different once the baby is here. Obviously.

Sound familiar? See for yourself…