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12th Feb 2020

Mum faces criticism for the snack she put in her daughter’s lunchbox (and it seems pretty harsh!)

There has been a huge reaction to the note she received
Woman mom-shamed

One mother has shared a note from her daughter’s nursery criticising the snack she had packed.

This woman had put raisins/sultanas in her little one’s lunchbox but those in charge deemed this an unsuitable choice.

The note reads:

“Please help us to encourage nutritious eating habits in children. Our healthy eating policy asks you to provide healthy and nutritious snacks for your child to eat at kindy. The sultanas (golden raisins) packed for your child today are unacceptable at kindy due to its high sugar content”.

Understandably, the mother in question was taken aback at the note and shared the note on a closed Facebook group, where she listed the other components of her daughter’s meal.

According to Kidspot, she wrote:

“Today’s lunch consisted of a sandwich roll, two boiled eggs, an orange, kiwi fruit and a handful of sultanas. She never has packaged food in her lunchbox or anything with refined sugar”.

Most of the parents who commented on the post agreed with her saying that sultanas are fruit, plain and simple and that furthermore, the notice also says that dried fruit, the category sultanas fall into, is ‘an acceptable item’.

Dietician Julie Gilbert also backed up this opinion in conversation with Kidspot, saying that there is no evidence to show that a handful of sultanas are unhealthy and that furthermore, children may refuse to eat other fruit and this is the only option.

“It may be the only source of fruit that the parents can get the child to eat. There could be a lot of reasons why they have packed what they have for their kid’s lunch”.

This isn’t a new post but it’s a topic that always gets parents talking as it can be a struggle to ensure that children have varied lunchbox options and of course, it’s even more complicated if you have fussy eaters in your family.