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20th May 2016

This Woman’s Breastfeeding Snap Caused Quite The Debate on Instagram


This woman’s breastfeeding snap sparked quite a debate on her Instagram account.

Naomi Jael Covert, who is reportedly a 21-year-old full-time army wife from Germany, shared a photograph of herself breastfeeding during the reception at her friend’s wedding.

She captioned it: “When you are at a wedding, wear fancy dresses and high heels… and your baby gets hungry, well… You give no shits and feed the kid”.

She later added: “EDIT: whoever gets mad about this… I also fed my son at the church ceremonie IN the church. Here in Germany people don’t get mad about it.

“It is NORMAL . Nothing rude or bad about it. This is why I have breasts! Cause God gave me boobs for feeding my babies [sic]”.

The majority of comments praised the young mother for normalising breastfeeding and spreading awareness.

One wrote: “Nice to see that! You’re such a strong girl! That is something natural and we don’t have to hide! Go girl, stay strong!”

Another commented: “Badass breastfeeding! Woot woot! Great job spreading awareness, even if that wasn’t your reason for posting this originally. It’s awesome!”

Unfortunately, Naomi did receive some negative feedback, which then sparked a debate among her followers.

One wrote: “What happened to table manners?! no one wants or needs to see THAT while eating, especially at a wedding. Unless, of course, someone wanted to steal the show… [sic]”.

Another said: “you should admit aswell that you did it for some instagram followers and likes. A little bit [sic]”.

In response to the reaction, the young mum chipped in with: “Thanks guys ! Iam overwhelmed by the good and the bad!

“But eventually everybody is gonna realize, that’s what has been done and that’s what will be done ! Thanks for the support. And if you hate me so much.. I’m sorry that’s your problem [sic]”.

We, like the majority of people, loved Naomi’s post. We also loved her reaction to the haters. Let us know what you think in the Facebook comments or get in touch on Twitter!


Top image via Instagram/mrsz.covert