World's first kid's voice GPS helps you stay safe 8 years ago

World's first kid's voice GPS helps you stay safe

If you ever use GPS for directions when driving, you'll know how annoying the navigating voice can become after a little while.

In a bid to encourage people to drive more safely, and hopefully save lives, community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze has added voices from children aged between three and twelve to its driving guide options.

It is hoped that the voice pack, called Safe Mode Kids, will serve as a reminder to adults that when driving recklessly, childrens' lives are at stake – those who are in the car with them; other children on the road; even children waiting at home for them.

"Let's face it - parents DO drive safer when kids are in the car," said Sulin Lau, Head of Marketing Services of telecommunications agency Maxis, which teamed up with Waze to create the new product.

"We believe Safe Mode Kids is a non-naggy, charming and effective way to remind drivers to be safer, and hopefully save lives," Sulin continued.


The idea for the kids voice pack was inspired by the insight from a Maxis-commissioned study that found nine out of ten parents drive safer when their kids are in the car. Instead of the standard Waze navigation prompts, drivers can now hear in a child's voice: "All set. Don't forget your seatbelt," "Re-routing. Eyes on the Road!" and "Accident reported ahead. Please be careful, ok?"

You can watch the children recording directions in the video below. Very cute and a great idea.