5 Reasons To Go See 'Me Before You' 6 years ago

5 Reasons To Go See 'Me Before You'

First things first, I have to say that I adored the book by Jojo Moyes and while that may have raised my expectations before watching the film, it may also have made me fall helplessly in love with it.

Either way, whether you’re a fan or not of the novel, you should try to go see this charming and romantic movie. Here’s why…

The plot

It’s a story that everyone who has ever been in love will relate to, but not one that many will have experienced themselves. It’s about a man named Will Traynor whose world is torn apart because of a road accident which leaves him paralysed from the neck down. Louisa Clark is then hired by Will’s parents as his carer and the job changes her life in ways she never expected.

Sam Claflin is the perfect Will Traynor

When I first heard who was going to play Will, I was sceptical. It’s not that I don’t rate Sam Claflin as an actor, I just wasn’t sure he would be able to pull off the arrogance of the male protagonist you are presented with in the book. Turns out, I was very wrong. Claflin manages to portray every aspect of Will’s character – the confidence, the bitterness, the charm. He’s perfect and let’s just say, he was able to reduce me to tears with his facial expressions alone.

Emilia Clarke continues her rise to the top


She is best known for her role in hit show 'Game of Thrones' but the role of Louisa shows the actress in a different light. She’s clumsy, endearing and humble. Her chemistry with Claflin is delightful and the pair seem to really gel well while remaining relatable, realistic and understated.

It’s a tearjerker

You might not know very much about the story but you are certain to have heard that it tugs on the heartstrings. You only have to watch the trailer to know that! I’ll be honest, there was one moment when I felt that the makers were trying to make me cry (it involved an Ed Sheeran song) but it worked and the (many) tears were real. I cried at moments that I didn’t cry at in the book… and then again at the parts of the book that made me cry!

True to the story

If you’re a fan of the book, I think you’ll also fall in love with the film because it sticks to it and captures the essence of the story. I would say that, as a bookworm, you should read the novel first because then you can see it brought to life onscreen. Looking forward to some of my favourite scenes, such as the car and the beach, was a big draw for me personally.

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