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28th May 2018

How young is too young to let a girl start shaving?

Anna O'Rourke

What would you do?

Puberty and all the changes it brings can be tricky for both kids and parents to navigate.

A hairless look has certainly become more trendy over the years and could be something that generations clash over.

A grandmother has sparked a debate online by asking at what age it’s appropriate for a young girl to start shaving her legs.

She said her 13-year-old granddaughter has been wearing thick tights in the warm weather as she’s embarrassed to expose her hairy legs.

“My GD (granddaughter) comes for dinner after school today, she arrived with woolly tights and I’m in shorts it’s hot and sunny so I told her to take the blooming things off,” the anonymous grandmother wrote on Gransnet.

“Oh no! Can’t be done as her legs are too hairy,” she continued.

“I’m sure I never bothered with leg shaving at 13. Do your GDs shave their legs and what age did they start?”

Other users were divided on what to do, with many sharing their own experiences and saying that they’d started removing their leg hair at an early age.

“I started shaving my legs when I was 14 and going out dancing with boys!”

“I have really hairy legs and hated them until after I had children and had less time to be self conscious. Used to get called names. I shaved them from 13 and am almost 62 so not a new thing at all.”

How young is too young to let a girl start shaving?

“I remember at school when I was about 11, one of the boys I hung around with took me to one side and quietly suggested I started shaving my legs as others had started commenting.”

“I recall shaving my legs at around 12 or 13. My periods started at 12 so in some way it just seemed more ‘grown up’ to wear stockings and with that came shaving legs.”

“I think I started shaving my legs daily when I was about 35 – my daughter gave me the idea when she started at around age 15. I find it very depressing that girls / women feel they have to remove stuff from their bodies to be ‘acceptable’.”

“Nothing new. I remember using my mums immac when I was about same age! Smelt awful as I remember. Mum questioned me about it too! ”

Would you try and instil the idea that body hair is nothing to be ashamed of or would you simply buy your daughter a razor?  Let us know in the Facebook comments or on Twitter.