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03rd Oct 2023

The youngest sibling is the most fun, according to science

Kat O'Connor

Being the youngest has its perks!

If you’re the youngest sibling in your family then we’ve got some good news for you.

A study has discovered that the youngest child is the most fun to be around.

The baby in your family is more likely to be the most craic, according to expert Dr. Catherine Salmon.

She explained that the youngest child tends to have a more happy-go-lucky attitude because their parents aren’t as harsh on them.

She told Parade: “In general, high agreeableness, extraversion (the social dimension) and openness are associated with youngest children.”

She added that because they don’t have as many responsibilities as their older siblings, they tend to “excel in areas involving a social dimension”.

The baby of the family is also known for being more carefree, outgoing, charismatic, and free-spirited.

However, they can often be spoiled because they get more attention from their parents.

Dr. Sarah Smelser added: “Youngest children can be charismatic, creative, mischievous, boisterous, and dependent on others—traits that, if inherent to the child, are often reinforced through the family’s communication and behavior.”

This research was supported by Dr. Frank Sulloway. He revealed in his paper ‘Birth Order’ that the youngest child is likely to be more adventurous and outgoing.

They’re also more likely to experiment and take risks.

When it comes to the eldest child, experts believe they can often be stubborn, motivated, intelligent, and goal-orientated.

They can often feel like they don’t get enough attention from their parents which helps them develop a stronger sense of independence.

They can often feel like a second parent in the family because they’re protective of their younger siblings.

Dr. Salmon shared that they become more protective of their younger siblings “due to their surrogate parent role in the family and the responsibilities that go with that.”