10 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Make a Baby 4 years ago

10 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Make a Baby

I was conceived in Summer (Thank you Ibiza) and I can tell you Spring is a great time to be born.

My birthday was always around the Easter holidays; this permitted Easter-themed parties, and I was neither too young nor too old for my class at school. Summer is also a great time to make a baby for more practical reasons...

10 reasons why Summer is a great time to get busy and make a baby

1. The days are longer

There is quite literally more time to devote to the act.


2. Less clothing means less faff

Typically we wear fewer clothes in Summer which will mean the romance can get underway that bit quicker. They may still grapple with the bra, however...



3. Less distractions

In Summer, the quality of TV programming degrades substantially, and there are fewer good movies on offer in cinemas. The Dáil is on leave too so no frustrations from that department to derail sexual advances either.

4. More casual drinking means lowered inhibitions



5. More festivals and getaways mean more potential for exciting conception stories to tell family and friend (yeccckk)

Forget honeymoon babies, you could have a garden baby, a barbecue baby, a Body & Soul baby or an Electric Picnic baby.



6. Hibernate while heavily pregnant

Winter is a season tailor-made for advanced pregnancy. Bundle the bump up in wool and layers and leggings. There's no pressure to be "styling" your bump or any such bullsh*t. Just cozy up by a fire and have as many snoozes as obligations or existing children will allow.


7. Eating for two

Sure, we know the eating for two thing has been largely debunked by jealous non-pregnant folk, but there's still a little bit of preggo munching to be done. By conceiving in Summer, you will be EFT (eating for two) during some of the best culinary moments of the calendar. You'll catch the tail end of BBQ season, slide right into Halloween, round the post in time for Christmas and with a bit of luck the baby won't budge 'till after Easter. YUM.


8. Relaxed approach

Summer tends to be a more relaxing time when many of us have less stress in our lives this is good from the point of view of conceiving.

9. Spring in your step

Having a Spring baby means in those early weeks of newborn mania you can escape the house and go on long walks to preserve your sanity.

10. Maternity leave win

Having your maternity leave coincide with the Summer is probably one of life's greatest wins. Bonus: No presh to look nice in your togs this Summer just eat BBQ ribs and fret about infant sleep patterns.


Going back to work in time for Autumn, however.... Not Cool.