90s baby names we reckon will definitely swing back into fashion again 7 months ago

90s baby names we reckon will definitely swing back into fashion again

We may be well in 2022, but that doesn't stop the 90s from somehow being back in vogue.

We are a little unsure how we feel about this one (especially the re-appearance of low-rise jeans and chokers....), but there is no denying that this throwback trend is here in full force, and if people are willing to embrace belly tops and cropped flares, we feel like some very well-known 90s baby names are also right around the corner.

Are you a 90s child yourself (or spent the best part of your teen years in this decade)? Here are some name suggestions we feel will totally strike a cord:

1. Winona

As Tim Burton’s poster girl, Johnny Depp’s lover, and ’90s It girl in residence, Winona Ryder's star shone brightly in this decade.

2. Ellis

Ellis published his psychological thriller American Psycho, which took a ruthless swipe at yuppie culture, back in 1991.

3. Rose

As in Kate Winslet playing the gorgeous Rose in Titanic...


4. Dawson

Ah, Dawson... The name on the tip of every 14-year-old girl’s tongue throughout the mid-1990s due to its association with the very wise-beyond-his-years heartthrob Dawson Leary (James Van Der Beek) in the iconic teen TV drama Dawson's Creek.

5. Rachel 

As in Rachel in Friends (obvs). Still our all-time favourite hair crush...

6. Brandon

Oh, Beverly Hills 90210 how you made us all wish we were rich and lived at that very same postcode...

7. Brenda


See #6 above...

8. Justin

NSYNC anyone?

9. Alanis

Alanis Morissette was pretty much the poster girl in residence for alt-feminist cool in the 90s. Her album Jagged Little Pill was released in 1995, and pretty much dominated the airwaves (or our walkmans!) for the next couple of years...

10. Freddie

As in Freddie Prinze Jr. We still feel a little envious of Sarah Michelle Gellar for nabbing him...


11. Joey

I know this is traditionally a boy name, but if you can't remember Joey (full name Josephine) from Dawson's Creek, were you even alive in the 90s?!

12. Brad

Is there anything hotter than 90s Brad Pitt?!

13. Britney

If you (too) spent a few years during this decade humming along to "Hit Me Baby, One More Time", we know you will forever be a 90s child.


14. Harry

Harry Potter first burst on the scene in the late 90s (1997, to be exact).

15. Jessica

As in the fun and slightly more naughty twin from the Sweet Valley High books and TV series. Ah, the memories!

17. Joshua

As in Jackson (also a major crush for many of us during the Dawson Creek era...)

18. Mary Kate (Or Ashley for that matter)

Our favourite TV twins actually celebrated their 30th birthday this week, but it was the 90s when we all fell in love with them the first time around, as the super-cute Michelle Tanner on Full House.

19. Nick

Who else had a major crush on Nick from Backstreet Boys?!

20. Christina 

Just like her nemesis Britney, Christina Aguilera and her catchy pop tunes make up a huge part of our collective musical memories from the 1990s.