10 gorgeous alternatives to the most popular baby names right now 5 months ago

10 gorgeous alternatives to the most popular baby names right now

Is there such a thing as too popular?

When it comes to baby names, I think so.

I mean; would you really want your child to be one of five in his class in primary school called Noah or Sophia?

The trick is to decide which popular baby name you love – then set out to find an alternative that sort of feels similar, but is not, and will make sure your child won't have to share his or her name with tons of kids once they get to school starting age.

Sounds like a plan?

Here are 10 alternative baby names to names that are crazy popular right now.

1. If you like Noah...

... you will love Abe.

A little Old Testament, a lot of fresh feels.


2. If you like Ava...

... you will love Lola.

Less used, equally starlet'y.

3. If you like Ryder...

... you will love Dax.

Really, anything ending in 'x' is just to cool not to use.

4. If you like Isabella...

... you will love Georgina.


We love how almost regal this name sounds!

5. If you like Oliver...

... you will love Andreas. Greek/Scandinavian and oh-so-perfect sounding.

6. If you like Emma...

... you will love Lydia.

Pretty – and there won't be five Lydias in her primary school class for sure!

7. If you like Jack...

...you will love Jago.


How cool is Jago?!

8. If you like Hazel...

... you will love Edith.

They are both gorgeous and slightly old lady-ish.

9. If you like Hunter...

... you will love Archer.

Bonus points for the super-cute nickname “Archie.”

10. If you like Sophia...

... you will love Linnea.

A Swedish flower, we think this name will skyrocket once people get to know it.