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01st Apr 2019

The very understandable reason why Meghan apparently won’t be giving birth in the Lindo Wing

Jade Hayden

We don’t know what to believe anymore.

Does it even matter?

Probably not, no – and yet for some reason everybody’s all hyped up about where (and less about when, somehow) Meghan Markle will give birth.

Will it be in the Lindo Wing? Will it be a different Wing? Will it be a blow up birthing pool in a forrest in Kent surrounded by lavender and jasmine?

At this stage lads, it could be and if it is, good for her, she deserves a mini break in the woods.

This whole debacle around where Meghan will welcome her first ever child is less about the structure itself and more about whether the Duchess is allegedly going to shun Kate Middleton and opt for a different hospital.

Because yeah, Kate is honestly going to be heartbroken if Meghan chooses a different hospital than the one that was inevitably chosen for her prior.


Last week, however, it was reported that Meghan had decided she did want to give birth in the Lindo Wing, just like Kate and Princess Diana had before her.

Now though, it seems as if she’s changed her mind and decided to go somewhere a little more private. And we honestly don’t blame her.

The Sun reports that Meghan will attend a quiet, more secluded, closer to home hospital away from the frenzy of the press and public when the day comes.

The palace have yet to confirm this move but to be honest it makes sense because who in their right mind would actively want to get up an hour after giving birth, slap on some make up, put on heels, and show off their newborn baby to the public?

No one.

“Meghan is nervous about complications such as an emergency Caesarean and doesn’t want the pressure of having to look immaculate on the hospital steps just hours later,” a source told the publication.

Being 37, Meghan is officially classed a geriatric mother so the risk of complication during pregnancy is naturally higher because of her age.

Makes sense then that she’d rather have a fairly chill experience.