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Baby names

24th Jun 2024

Six ancient baby names that are making a comeback

Sophie Collins

Ancient names

The baby name cycle is constantly turning 

This means names that are quickly going out of style in 2024, will likely be gems once again in years to come.

Many parents look to the past for inspiration for a more unique name for their child.

As a result of this, ancient names, rich in history and meaning, are experiencing a resurgence. 

Here are six timeless baby names that are making a remarkable comeback.

1. Atticus

Origins: Greek

Meaning: “Man of Attica”

2. Aurelia

Origins: Latin

Meaning: “Golden”

3. Cassius

Origins: Latin

Meaning: “Hollow” or “Vain”

4. Esme

Origins: French (via Persian)

Meaning: “Beloved”

5. Jasper

Origins: Persian

Meaning: “Treasurer”

6. Livia

Origins: Latin

Meaning:: “Bluish” or “Envious”

As parents look for meaningful and distinctive names for their children, these ancient choices are perfectly positioned for a renaissance.