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17th Jun 2016

This Birth Snap Was Taken in a Very Unlikely Place!

Sophie White

Imgur user, BeckEiche posted a birth shot with a difference a couple of days ago.

The mother was surprised by her baby son’s appearance as she sat in her car, parked in her driveway. She was just about to make her way to the hospital when the baby decided to make his entrance. The mother-of-four described the speedy birth as “puff it came out”, while if his face in the picture is anything to go by the driver didn’t even know it was in there.

According to her sister, mum and baby are both doing well, and the parents are currently debating what to name their new son.

Imgur users had a few suggestions in the comments section including Mercedes, Toyota, and Kia. Another quipped: “Well, it doesn’t have that ‘new car smell’ anymore.” The image has been viewed nearly 300,000 times in 2 days.

car birth

Some babies just don’t want to wait it seems. This story reminded us of the incredible video that went viral a few months ago of Texan mum, Lesia Pettijohn, who found herself giving birth in the family minivan, as her husband, Jonathan, drove to the birthing centre (without stopping) and captured the whole thing on his GoPro.

The video starts after the couple has been in traffic for 45 minutes when things start to progress very quickly. Lesia can be heard saying she is scared she might have the baby in the car, then, 30 seconds later, her waters break. Just a couple of minutes after that, their baby – a boy now named Josiah, who weighed a very healthy 10lb – is born.

Watch the full video here.