C-section recovery: We asked C-section mums to share their best tips and tricks 1 year ago

C-section recovery: We asked C-section mums to share their best tips and tricks

Let's not forget one thing: C-sections are actually a major surgery.

And yet, in comparison to most other surgeries, you are expected to be on your feet and tending to a newborn baby pretty soon afterwards.

But don't hesitate in asking for help, mamas – rely on your partner, family and tribe these days, that is what they are there for.

Also, we reached out to our readers on Instagram to ask their best tips on recovering from a C-section, and here is what they had to say:

1. "The biggest knickers u can find....so they're not sitting on the scar. Set up a sleeping/changing area downstairs for u and baby so ur not up and down the stairs all day. Take ur pain meds and ask for more if u need them!"

2. "Get up and get moving (gently ) .you won't be as stiff and sore if you can do this and build on it every day . It helps get your bowels going to . I've had 3sections . It work!"

3. "Try not to cough or laugh too much it really hurts take every painkiller they give you and any help your offered grab with both hands."

4. "Arnica tablets, I found them fantastic."

5. "Massive knickers and do try and walk as much as possible. It helps a lot!! And yes take every pain medication that is offered!!"


6. "Rest. Try not to lift anything heavier than your baby for a few weeks. Refrain from driving for as long as you can.....maxi cosy is so heavy...empty. If it's a planned C-section.....try freezing as much as you can beforehand."

7. "Don’t go to the shops to buy baby clothes straight after getting out of the hospital ! My mistake ! Too eggar to get around!"

8. "Stick a panty liner on the inside of your pants to stop them touching your scar."

9. "I’m a size 12 normally but I lived in my size 20 knickers for a good month or two afterwards...I still pull them out for comfort every now and then ?.Try not to compare your recovery with any of your friends and family, all of our bodies are fantastically different and none of us heal the same way or at the same pace.Take each day as it comes, accept all the offers of help and keep your feet up in bed or on the couch as long as is possible. Ease yourself back into exercise with slow short walks and lean on things and people for support ?"

10. "Only do what you're truly able for and accept ALL the help! Don't stress about the housework, it'll always get done ! This is a random one but I got B12 and vitamin IV's after my C-sections (I had haemorrhages and blood transfusions) they did me the world of good along with sleep when I could and soup!!! Plenty of homemade nourishing soup!"

11. "Definitely the biggest knickers you can find. Take all the help people will offer, plenty of time to be supermum once recovered. People forget that a c section is major abdominal surgery. Rest when you can and don't try too much too soon. X"

12. "I’m 2 weeks postpartum/3rd c-section. I’m constantly reminding myself that the pain, restrictions, etc won’t last forever and that I need to take it easy!"

13. "I had 2 c-sections 14 months apart. The Belly Bandit Wrap helped me so much, not only with incision pain, but also with my lower back pain. Taking pain killers is very important, not only to manage pain, but they also work as an anti-inflammatory. I would also recommend gentle walks and accepting help from family and friends ???"


14. "Lululemons!"

15. "Epsom salts in a warm bath ?? compression stockings and accepting help so you can rest as much as possible . You have just had major surgery as well as a little human ... ?"

16. "Eat huge amounts of protein when you're home to help everything heal and maybe take a good multivitamin to give you a boost. Also be gentle on yourself and have the takeaway, some nights there isn't any help! This is not the time to worry about losing the baby weight, food is food, get the calories in!"

17 "My first baby was an emergency C-section, and I wish I'd just focused on rest, feeding baby and newborn snuggles. That's all you need to be doing in those first weeks anyways, whether you have a C-section or vaginal delivery... A handy trick my midwife told me though, was to hold a pillow and press it against the scar when I needed to cough (or laugh). I'd caught a bit of a chest infection post surgery, and this trick was a lifesaver!"

18. "Get a house cleaner for a few weeks. I I also had a next to me crib which was fantastic for night feeding."

19. "Tons of Arnica and tons of body oil to nourish your skin back, someone to cook dinner and clean house...the list goes on....?"

20. "Rest, rest and more rest. In time your scar will heal-I've found the time it takes to heal properly differs for everyone. It takes huge patience but trust you will be back to yourself soon. Right now I'm trying to be patient with myself while wanting to get out there and run (I love running) but am not fully healed yet."

21 "Sitting down with a baby on your chest while watching tv as much as possible. Give older children to grandma or friend for a few days. ACCEPT all offers of help."

22. "If you have little ones already, lots of picnics on the floor ? No lifting in and out of high chairs. Keep moving (slowly) and trust your body! You'll know when you've done too much."

If you have got any tips to add, please let us know in the comments or e-mail me at: trine.jensen@herfamily.ie