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12th Nov 2022

Expecting in December? These are the top Christmas-inspired baby names

Charming names for your December tot

Are you due this December?

Christmas baby names are some of our all-time favourites. They’re absolutely adorable and the list of options is never-ending.

For those of you expecting a girl or boy this Christmas, check out the top December baby names below – you’re going to adore them.

Classic names like Holly and Grace made the top 10 for little girls, of course. And both David and Joseph made the top 10 boys names.

Let us know your favourites?

Christmas baby names for girls

  1. Ivy means God’s gift

  2. Grace means joy and happiness

  3. Evie means life and breathe

  4. Bella means beautiful

  5. Lucy means light

  6. Maria means of the sea

  7. Robyn means bright famous one

  8. Holly after the festive plant

  9. Maryam means rebellious

  10. Clara means clear and bright

Christmas baby names for boys

  1. Jack means God is gracious

  2. Theodore means gift of God

  3. Joseph means trustworthy

  4. David means beloved

  5. Gabriel means God is my strength

  6. Jesse means gift

  7. Michael means powerful

  8. Felix means happy and lucky

  9. Jasper means treasurer

  10. Alfred means wise counsellor

Christmas baby

These Christmas baby names are just way too sweet. The meaning behind the name Felix is so adorable, but Theodore has to be our favourite on the list for Christmas boy names.

Bella and Ivy are two perfect names if your little pudding is born at Christmas time, but Clara has to be our favourite. It is such a classic name and perfect for little tots born during the holidays.

What name do you love the most?

If you’re due a baby this December let us know what names you’re considering.

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