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07th Nov 2020

Dad-to-be slammed online for sharing snap of himself eating pizza in the delivery room

Trine Jensen-Burke

PIcture of dad-to-be went viral

Hungry work.

As any woman who has given birth will tell you, labour is tiring work. I mean; you are pushing an entire human out of your body – and trust me, having done it twice myself, there is a reason it is called labour.

What helps many birthing mamas, though, is having your partner there with you, holding your hand or simply just giving you little shouts or peptalks of encouragement as you labour that baby out.

However, one dad-to-be was recently slammed online after sharing  a snap of himself eating pizza while his wife gave birth.

In the photo, the man can be seen enjoying a pepperoni pizza while his other half is busy delivering their baby.