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17th Sep 2017

Heidi Pratt’s baby shower was surprisingly normal (and pretty)

Not their usual

Olivia Hayes

We never know what to expect with these two.

When Spencer and Heidi Pratt announced that they were pregnant back in April, everyone was shocked.

In numerous interviews, Spencer swore he’d never have children, even though Heidi was keen on getting a family started.

The pair have always stunned us with their eccentricism, from The Hills days to when they appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

But surprisingly, the stars kept their baby shower low key, with pretty white flowers and blue balloons.

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Heidi shared pictures of her shower on Instagram, and her mum and sister even made an appearance.

She captioned the snaps, “Thank you to everyone who made my baby shower dreams come true!”

While adding another photo minutes later which said, “So blessed to be surround by the best friends and family!”

The second photo shows the group of people who attended her party (and much to our sadness, there were no Hills alumni).

Meanwhile, the reality star announced that her baby may be coming sooner rather than later.

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She filmed herself going for a check-up, and revealed that her baby might be coming five weeks early.

“Well, this doctor visit is a bit different than I thought,” the mum-to-be said.

“I’m about one centimetre dilated and we’re just hoping he doesn’t come too early… He is coming early, I just hope not too early.”

“He’s not coming early”, Spencer then demanded. “Stay in that belly boy!”