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30th Sep 2023

Mum-to-be is worried she won’t love her baby because she’s not a kid-person


One mum has opened up about the fear of not loving her baby ahead of her due date.

She explained to Mumsnet that she has never felt that ‘maternal instinct’ so many people harp on about.

The soon-to-be mother took to the forum to seek out the words of wisdom of parents who have been there, done that.

“New Mum-to-be here! I want to hear from all you new mums (or not-so-new mums) about what you wish you knew before having a baby- bad and good.

“Scare me, calm me, prepare me! I’ve been a nanny for 8 years but this will be my first baby, and one thing I’m concerned about is if the good outweighs the bad. Being a nanny, I never had that motherly love that you hear about. Obviously, because it wasn’t my own child, but is it really different when it’s your own?”

One mum shared some pretty stellar advice with her.

“The love you feel for your child definitely is different. I never really felt comfortable around other people’s kids and since having my daughter that has changed which is good! I felt a bit shell-shocked after she was born but I think it’s because I had a traumatic birth with her.

“I felt love for her right away but I never knew that it actually grows as your child grows. She’s 3 now and every day I feel like I love her more than the day before! She’s so cheeky but I love her little personality.”