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29th Sep 2023

‘Someone screamed at us’ – Mum slated for skipping an airport queue with her baby

Kat O'Connor

Travelling with a baby comes with a lot of stress.

We all know that making your way through an airport is stressful enough, never mind when you’ve got an infant and their 101 belongings in tow.

One mum was left feeling extremely upset over a recent airport experience. She opened up about the ordeal on Mumsnet, but fellow parents weren’t impressed by her actions.

She explained, “We had booked priority, lounges and everything we could to relieve a bit of the stress.”

“Priority queue was quite long to check in luggage and we started queuing nicely. Another mum came along and told us we could jump the queue which we did gladly as baby started stirring a little bit.”

“[They were] literally shouting that it was very out of order and that was no such thing as baby class, and what is wrong with you people etc.”

The mum was shocked by people’s reactions, but many felt it was a cheeky move. Multiple users said it was cheeky of her to skip the entire queue when only one passenger offered.

“I’d be very pi**ed off if you went to the front of the queue just because you had a baby,” one said.

Another parent said the mum was “a bit rude” but empathised with her for travelling with a young infant.

One also pointed out that people never should’ve shouted at her and her baby.

Others said it’s perfectly fine to skip the queue if staff invite you to.

“If invited to by staff, or there’s an announcement that those travelling with babies can go to the front, of course you can.”

Do you think the mum was cheeky or was it a perfectly fine thing to do?