This new dad had the most beautiful way to support his wife through labour 1 year ago

This new dad had the most beautiful way to support his wife through labour

Well, this made us cry.

Everyone who has ever given birth will tell you how important it is to have someone with you in that delivery room who will support you and encourage you and genuinely help you through the very most intense days/hours/minutes of your entire life.

And this was very much the case for brand new mum Jasmine Caver, whose husband went viral earlier this week for sharing a video to his social media of just how he helped his wife through her two day labour when giving birth to their baby daughter.

In the now viral video, which has been watched millions of times, Kendall Caver can be seen holding up a series of cards while his wife, Jasmine, looks on from her hospital bed. As his wife prepares to deliver their baby, Carver is flipping through the story of his life with Jasmine and offering some truly beautiful words of encouragement.

In his original post to his Facebook page, the new dad captioned the video with the sweetest statement, writing: "Encouraging my Wife through 2 days of labor ?☺️ Last night my Warrior Wife gave birth to a beautiful Baby Girl!"

Crying yet?


Just wait till you have wanted the entire video.

"Breathe, just like we've been practicing," Carver's first card reads.

His cards then go on to tell the story of him as Jasmine as couple, their 10-year journey, how they are best friends who love each other deeply and who have supported each other through a previous pregnancy loss.

"I would do it all over again to know the indescribable happiness I know today," Carver wrote on one of the cards.

"You are my best friend...soulmate...and in just a few'll be the most amazing mother our daughter could ever ask for."

After what was such a beautiful labour moment, Jasmine went on to deliver a healthy baby girl, Sofia.