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22nd Sep 2017

Paloma Faith says giving birth was the ‘best and worst thing I’ve ever done’

The singer will be on the Jonathan Ross Show tonight.

Jade Hayden

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith has spoken out again about her experiences giving birth and her life as a new mum.

The singer said that having a child was “the best and worst thing I’ve ever done” and that the actual birthing experience was like “going to hell and bringing back some sort of deity.”

Speaking to Jonathan Ross, Faith said she has such respect for new mums because she knows how hard being a mum is.

She also tweeted similar sentiments earlier this year.

Faith spoke out for the first time about becoming a mum recently saying that she “couldn’t walk for two months” after the birth.

Although the singer is keeping the details about her baby private, she has spoken candidly about giving birth.

“I did nine hours of labour without pain relief then just lost the plot completely. Because I’d been in labour for a long time I had something called PROM which is a premature rupture of waters.

Then I just had so much other stuff go wrong afterwards because I also had an infection of the womb and really bad mastitis.

I wasn’t very well for a long time afterwards. I don’t think I could really walk properly for a good two months.”

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However, Faith said that although she was “at the gates of hell,” at least she “brought back an angel.”

Paloma Faith will be on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight at 9.30pm with Russel Brand and Lewis Hamilton.