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03rd Jun 2015

Photographer chronicles labours on Instagram in real time

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer to capture memorable moments on your wedding day is one thing but a new project by photographer, Cate DePrisco has been chronicling another even more momentous occasion and posting the snaps to Instagram.

The Kansas City based photographer has been photographing births and sharing them on the social media site with the #InstaBirthStory to create a sort of live report of the births as they happen,

“I started sharing the first birth story live on my personal Instagram account. That story was 54 hours long. That meant there was quite a bit of down time so I’d post a photo I was proud of… and before I knew it, I realised I was telling a story and people were following along,” she told the Huffington Post.

The photographer stays with the mothers throughout their labour and posts the pictures as she takes them to keep family and friends updated.

The pictures are deeply touching and show emotional and powerful moments.

  She also chronicles the less intense side of labour, the waiting…  

And family members passing the time on tenterhooks. Like this little girl who is eagerly awaiting the new arrival and clearly feeling joyful.

And then those first precious moments of life… 

Main image via Cate DePristo