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12th Jul 2018

A pool float with a hole for your pregnant belly exists and FINALLY

pool float


Being a pregnant person is great.

You get to grow a child inside of your stomach and get that intense pregnancy glow that everyone talks about and there are absolutely no negatives to the situation at all.

The only thing (yeah, the only thing), that makes pregnancy ever so slightly uncomfortable is not being able to lie on your stomach when you’re on a pool float.

You’re trying to get comfortable but you just can’t.

There’s too much belly in the way and it’s seriously impeding your ability to get a stunning tan while also lying in the middle of a pool.

Harrowing scenario, tbh.

Enter the pregnancy pool float.

It’s got a hole in the middle of it for your pregnant belly to sit in so you can lie on your stomach to your heart’s content.

The only question we have is ‘why didn’t someone think to make this before?’

The inflatable pool float was invented by a woman named Gina Green, who came up with the idea when she was pregnant herself.

On the product’s site, she says:

“During my third pregnancy, I found myself spending a lot of time in the water, it felt great to take the pressure and weight off my body!

“Watching my family enjoy the water lounging on their belly with their pool floats made me think, there has to be a way to enjoy the weightlessness of the water and have the luxury of lying on my pregnant belly.”

So she made something that would let her do that – and called it Belly Flopz.


At the moment, Belly Flopz unfortunately only ship to America and Canada, but we are very hopefully that they’ll include Europe in that list very soon.