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06th Apr 2022

15 Pregnancy tweets that perfectly sum up the whole experience


Let’s all laugh (then pee, then cry) together.

While pregnancy is a time of joy and excitement, it’s also a time of exhaustion, fluctuating hormones, a pressured bladder and unsolicited advice from people you don’t wanna listen to.

And the only people who fully get the extent of your joy, pain, irritation, hunger and fatigue are others who’ve gone through it themselves.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of pregnancy tweets that perfectly sum up what you go through during the 9-month-rollercoaster of carrying a child.

1. I live here.

2. Minding your business is free.

3. Well trained.

4. HOW?!

5. Truth hurts…

6. Can’t a girl dream?

7. 40 weeks of kiss or kill.

8. It belongs to the floor now.

9. Cruel irony.

10. It’s like looking for your glasses that are on your head… but on steroids.

11. I need a shower from getting dressed after a shower.

12. Same, tbh.

13. Like something out of a fairytale.

14. So kind.

15. Despite it all though, we’re fairly incredible.

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