Pregnant? Here Are 10 Baby 'Essentials' You Absolutely DON'T Need To Buy 11 months ago

Pregnant? Here Are 10 Baby 'Essentials' You Absolutely DON'T Need To Buy

Don't buy into the hype!

Expecting your first baby, it is more than a little tempting to buy EVERY baby product under the sun – you know – just to make sure you are not missing anything. But trust me, a good 75 % of the so-called "must-haves" are completely and utterly unnecessary. Not to mention just a total waste of money you really should be saving for vital stuff like cute baby outfits and wine (for you, not baby).

So before you hit the shops in preparation for your bundle, take a moment to memorise this list of what you DON'T need to get:

1. Wipes warmer

Really? Really? This actually exists? It sure does! These little electric heating machines heat the wipes so baby doesn’t get a cold bottom. For. Real.

Verdict? Save yourself the money and run a cloth under warm water. It's PERFECTLY fine.


2. Shoes for your newborn

Totally unnecessary. They might look like the cutest little things you’ve ever seen, but remember this: BABIES CAN'T WALK! And therefore, do NOT need something on their feet (other than socks that keep them snug!).


3. Baby Tummy Tub

These are slightly creepy when you see them with a baby in it – the way the head peeps out just looks so wrong! More importantly, bathing your baby in a conventional baby bath or even your kitchen sink will get the job done just as well. Got water? Then you can clean your baby.


4. Nappy bin

The cartridges for these are pretty expensive to replace, so we're gonna say that as long as you empty your bin a couple of times a day (and flush any solids, possibly), you shouldn’t have issues with nappies being in the bin for a few hours. However did they manage back in the day?!


5. Toys

Much as it is tempting to fill the house with cutesy baby toys, it is also utterly pointless. Young babies don't need a lot of toys, in fact, their very favourite toy is YOU, dear mama. So get in there for tickles and cuddles, and save yourself a ton of dough in the process.


6. Clothes that go over baby’s head

Have you ever tried to put clothes on a newborn? It’s a little bit like trying to dress a marshmallow. Go for button down clothes for the first few months, and save yourself the fear of thinking you will snap their little necks right off.


7. Door bouncer

Say it with me: MONEY DRAIN. Go spend your cash on something sensible instead. Like new shoes for you!


8. Bath thermometers

You could buy one of these or you could, you know, just put your finger in the water.


9. Baby food makers

Do you have a blender at home? If so, congratulations! You’ve already got a baby food maker.


10. Formula mixer

Seriously? Yup. This one exists too! But let's be honest here; shaking a baby bottle isn’t so hard that it’s worth spending big bucks on a machine like this.


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