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12th Mar 2018

The sex positions said to increase your chances of conceiving


There has been no medical research into whether certain sex positions actually increase your chances of conceiving.

However, there are some positions which are believed to help the process along.

As well as having sex regularly and around the time that the woman is ovulating, try out these moves in the bedroom.


This is the basic man-on-top position. The positioning of the woman’s pelvis makes it easier to conceive. Some even believe that propping the pelvis up with a pillow can help the sperm get further along.

Doggy style

Any positions that enable deep penetration are good for conception. This one – which sees the woman on all fours with the man entering her from behind – opens up the woman’s cervix a little bit more.

Reverse cowgirl

For this one the woman is on top but facing away from the man. This is said to be good for her orgasm which is thought to move the man’s sperm closer to its destination thus encouraging fertilisation.


Oh yes, it’s not just a good cuddling position. Again, the angle of the woman’s pelvis helps the sperm to reach the cervix but this position is also said to be very relaxing (stress is known to affect fertility).


It was also revealed that couples who are trying for a baby should have sex at least three times a week to increase their chances of being successful. Read more here.