Video of baby in amniotic sac shows what they get up to when they kick 2 months ago

Video of baby in amniotic sac shows what they get up to when they kick

This is amazing!

I'll never forget the first time that I felt a kick when I was pregnant. It was such a special moment.

You always have to wonder though what exactly they are getting up to in there when they're kicking and moving about. Or do we?

Recently a video was uploaded to Reddit showing a baby still in their amniotic sac kicking and twisting and turning and it's absolutely fascinating to watch.

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The video, which you can watch here, shows a newborn baby kicking while still inside the amniotic sac.

The video was originally shared by an Australian midwife and mummy blogger Amelia Lamont also known as The Midwife Mumma, when she shared the video with thousands of her followers.

Since then the video has gone viral and been shared across multiple forums and social media platforms.

Lamont said she had the video sent to her and she was so utterly amazed by it that she had to share it with her followers.

Lamont shared the video with her followers along with the caption;

"No one is sure where this video originated from or the gestation of this baby but far out how incredible is this?? A clearly premature or growth restricted Bub being born via Caesarian section still encapsulated in its caul (amniotic sac) — Very rare but this obstetrician obviously gave these parents a beautiful calm Caesarian section.. unbelievable seeing the fluid, space and movements bub has in its little home for so long .. love love love."

Seeing as she is an experienced midwife and she still finds this mind-blowing it really must be a rare occurrence so it's definitely worth a quick watch whether you're an expectant parent or a veteran at this point.

I personally think it's amazing.