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09th Jul 2016

WATCH: The Moment A Breech Baby Is Turned Around

"Just keep going around"

Sive O'Brien

I’m sure there are many of you who will understand the relief this mother felt when a doctor managed to turn her breech baby around, allowing her to have the home birth she had planned.

Christy Rojas who is from California and living in Australia was 28 weeks pregnant when she was told her son was lying in breech position.

Determined to have a home birth, and after trying various techniques to get him to turn on his own, Christy was put in touch with Dr Andrew Bisits, the director of Obstetrics at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women.

At 37 weeks he performed an External Cephalic Version (ECV) – a technique were the baby is manually turned from outside the mother’s stomach – which meant that Christy was able to give birth to her second baby, a boy named Matisse, at home three weeks later.

Filmed by her husband, watch the incredible and peaceful clip as the doctor gently asks her to talk to the baby, who eventually flips so that his head is pointing down towards the pelvis.