12 mums and dads on the most hilarious reasons their toddler had tantrums 11 months ago

12 mums and dads on the most hilarious reasons their toddler had tantrums

Toddlers can be pretty great.

You've officially made it past the 'baby-baby' stage and your boy or girl is a fully-fledged mini-person, with their own personality starting to shine through.

They're walking, they're talking, they're learning all about the world around them at a crazy pace. All in all, it can be fascinating and fun to be around.

Just not when they're throwing a tantrum, having a meltdown or have burst into tears for absolutely no reason.

Reddit user mrsbebe told her fellow /r/Mommit users how her toddler cried because she ha put more oatmeal on her plate - as she asked them, "Why did your toddler cry today?"


Parents were more than happy to spill on the reasons why their little boy or girl had gotten upset - and the answers are too relatable.

Honestly, we can't stop nodding along.

Here are some of our favourites.

  • "My son cried bc I had him stop brushing his teeth after a half an hour." [x]
  • "I threw the toilet paper in the toilet after wiping my 3 year olds bum and he had a total meltdown demanding I take it out again so he could throw it in."  [x]
  • "Mine cried yesterday because I dared to COOK her egg. She did NOT want it cooked."  [x]
  • "My sons biggest melt down was because I wouldn’t let him put his boogers up my nose so they could 'be together'." [x]
  • "My daughter ugly cried because I asked her if she just tried to bite my cheek (spoiler alert: she did)." [x]
  • "My 12 month old had a full on meltdown that resulted in all of her bones becoming liquified and her melting into a screaming crying pile of baby because I wouldn’t let her play with her poopy diaper. At 6 am." [x]
  • "She couldn’t hold a piece of toast in each hand and pick up her cup at the same time." [x]
  • "Because he no longer eats food in a triangle shape. Round and square are now the only acceptable shapes. I cut his veggie burger patty up like a pizza and clearly I just done f-ed up everything. I'm assuming this will change radically next week when I serve him round and square foods." [x]
  • "My daughter cried because she ate her cupcake too fast and then later she cried again when daddy wouldn't share his beer." [x]
  • "Because she insisted her shirt being backwards was precisely the fashion choice she wanted and we fixed it." [x]
  • "Because I gave him chocolate milk when he asked for chocolate milk "[x]
  • "While laying next to him waiting for him to fall asleep, my toddler cried because my leg was touching his." [x]