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Early years

26th Oct 2019

13 things about teething that every parent knows to definitely be true

The teething poos - who knew?!


You knew having a baby would be hard, but something you mightn’t have thought of beforehand was teething.

“How rough could growing some teeny-tiny teeth really be?,” you might have foolishly thought to yourself.

Very rough, as it turns out.

The poor baba doesn’t understand what’s going on and you don’t know how to comfort them, meaning you and your child are one the verge of a meltdown at any point.

Here are 13 things any parent of a teething baby knows all too well.


1. You follow all of the advice, but baby just won’t play ball


2. Baby often resembles someone coming off a three day bender at Electric Picnic


3. Or a character from a horror flick


4. They’re a little wetter than usual


5. And a bit icky, honestly


6. Baby’s distress means sleep is just a distant dream


7. And thanks to the new fangs, they pose a real danger to you and others


8. It seems like it’ll never end


9. And baby-free people just don’t get it


10. Like, REALLY don’t get it


11. No matter how much you want to kill them, it’s still super upsetting to see them so distressed


12. But you know that if you can get through this tough time…


13. You’ll get through ANYTHING


It’s not much fun for everyone but it does end. In the meantime, check out our tips here and here for soothing your little one.