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20th Dec 2019

Add to cart: The useful top every breastfeeding mum needs in her wardrobe

Trine Jensen-Burke


If you have breastfed before, you’ll know what I mean when I say it has an impact on your sartorial choices.

It was one of those things I only really discovered once baby had arrived and I was getting dressed for a day out and about with her. I soon found out that assembling an outfit that would let me get my boobs out in a way that didn’t expose my entire naked torso to everyone actually required some planning.

A lot of dresses, especially those with high necklines, were out of the question. That would involve me having to pull the dress up from the bottom and leave it around my neck while I was nursing her. My go-to solution was often to wear a low-neck vest-top under whatever other top I was wearing, so that I could simply pull the first top up and just yank the vest down a bit and voila; easy boob access while also not having to strip down completely or flash my back or belly to the world.

However; had this top been around a couple of years ago when I was still knee-deep in breast-pads and leaky boobs, let me assure you I would have ordered it immediately.

Say hello BAE Label’s ‘Split Personality’ top – AKA the only top you need to see you through both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Seriously; how clever is this?! You wear it with the split at the back when pregnant – to accomodate your growing belly. And with the split to the front after – for easy access to your boobs the breastfeeding.

Split Personality Sweater // Warm, cosy & feed friendly. Now available and black ✌? #baethelabel

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If you are currently pregnant, you should also know that the rest of their clothing for mamas-to-be are also totally gorgeous. Don’t even look at their website unless you are prepared to be seriously tempted.