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25th May 2020

Out and about with baby: The 10 most important things to include in your nappy bag

Are YOU all set, new mama?

Trine Jensen-Burke

Packing your nappy bag: The 10 most important things to include

Putting together a diaper bag for a baby (especially if you are a rookie at this!) may feel like packing for a week-long holiday! 

I mean; how do you know what you are going to need at all times when outside the lovely, safe and well-stocked walls of your own house with your baby?

Well, fear not, mamas; we have put together a great little check list for you. Now; get packing!

1. Nappies (duh!)

These are obviously the most important thing of your entire nappy bag, and should ideally be re-stocked every time you come back home having been out and about. I would say that five nappies at any given time should always be in there (and make sure you stay on top of your baby moving up in size in those nappies, mamas…).

The day you find that you have left the house without any nappies, is going to be the day you will need them the absolute most, trust me.

Oh, and a portable changing mat is great too (you might find that your nappy bag comes with this, if not, get one – ASAP)


2. Nappy rash ointment

To avoid any sore bums when out and about.

3. Sophie la Girafe

AKA the iconic baby chew toy every mama-in-the-know makes sure she always has on hand.


4. Soother(s)

If your baby takes a soother (God, I envy you if they do!), for God’s sake NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT THEM. Also, one is not enough, because they are bound to throw at least one away or into a puddle of something really, really gross.


5. A Blanket or Large Muslin

For snuggles, for using as a burp cloth, for a light blanket, for keeping your nosy baby from exposing your nipple to the world, these are really a must-buy for your nappy bag.


6. Energy Bars (for you, mamas)

Let’s face it, being out and about with your baby can take its toll on your blood sugar. Energy bars are the perfect, easy and even healthy way to get you through the afternoon.


7. Wipes (Baby Bum Ones AND The Antibacterial Kind)

For nappy changes. For food spills. For when poop gets on your hands. Or for when you have to sit down at a less-than-pleasant looking park bench to feed you VERY HUNGRY baby. You will come to rely on wipes like you have never relied on anything in your life.

8. Spare Outfit(s)

Much like nappies, the day when you leave the house without, is the day you will need it the most.

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9. Bibs

If your baby has started eating solids, you will save yourself a lot of mess, stress and washing by making sure you always have bibs handy.


10. Your Phone (And Portable Charger)

Let’s face it, mamas, there are going to be many long walks (perfect for listening to some music), many questions (you need Google at your fingertips) and many (many!) moments you want to make sure you can capture on camera, so having your (fully charged) phone on your bag, oh it’s a must.


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