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28th Aug 2021

Baby-led weaning: 100 easy baby-led weaning finger-food ideas to try

Baby-lead weaning finger food ideas

Got a baby who is nearing six months and feel like it’s almost time to introduce him or her to some actual, solid food?

Congratulations, parents –a whole new chapter of your life is about to begin.

Introducing your up-until-now-milk-only baby to real food is so exciting – and also a little scary. I remember being worried about how smooth was smooth enough, how pureed the pure had to be and when to introduce lumpier food (and just how lumpy could they be?!)

So many questions.

More and more mums are nowadays opting for baby-led weaning, meaning you are pretty much giving your baby normal foods, not turning everything into ‘baby goop’ before you serve it. By definition, baby-led weaning is where the baby is allowed and encouraged to self-feed solid finger foods instead of receiving purées via spoon.

Baby-led weaning can be a little messy, for sure, but it is also a great method to allow babies to grasp and examine food and in turn letting them learn to feed themselves.

What’s important to keep in mind, like with all weaning, is to slowly introduce new foods (to make sure your baby isn’t allergic to anything) and to never leave your child unattended while they are eating.

It’s good to start with softer fingers foods like banana, cooked sticks of carrot and sweet potato. Avocado too would be a good one to try.

Why not make your way down through this fab list of 100 baby lead weaning finger food ideas? Always keep in mind you need to use common sense and remove the seeds from various fruits and never give your child anything that can potentially be a choking hazard.

100 Baby-led Weaning Finger Food Ideas

  1. Carrots (cooked)
  2. Broccoli (Cooked)
  3. Cauliflower (Cooked)
  4. Sweet Potato (Cooked)
  5. Potato (Cooked)
  6. Zucchini (cooked)
  7. Butternut Squash (cooked)
  8. Pumpkin (cooked)
  9. Green Beans
  10. Red peppers
  11. Tomatoes
  12. Avocado
  13. Mango
  14. Papaya
  15. Apple
  16. Oranges
  17. Peaches
  18. Nectarines
  19. Watermelon
  20. Blackberries
  21. Raspberries
  22. Sweet Potato Cakes
  23. Plums
  24. Honeydew Melon
  25. Cantaloupe
  26. Banana
  27. Pears
  28. Satsumas
  29. Strawberries
  30. Blueberries (I squished them)
  31. Quinoa cakes (like rice cakes, but with quinoa)
  32. Kiwi
  33. Yoghurt Bites
  34. Cucumber
  35. Rice Cakes (Alone or with toppings)
  36. Polenta
  37. Naan
  38. Asparagus
  39. Mushrooms
  40. Pea & Pesto Frittatas
  41. Cooked Pasta (macaroni, fusilli)
  42. Asian Tuna Croquettes
  43. Easy pancakes (mashed banana and an egg)
  44. Strips of Buttered Toast
  45. Mac and Cheese Cups
  46. Unsalted breadsticks
  47. Pieces of Cheese
  48. Cooked rice with cubed veggies
  49. Pieces of cooked fish (steamed) or meat
  50. Oat, banana, and raisin fingers
  51. Spinach and Ricotta Pie
  52. Chopped Hard Boiled Egg or Scrambled Egg
  53. Apple and Cheese Quinoa Balls
  54. Pita with Hummus
  55. Butternut Squash and Corn Pancakes
  56. CousCous Fingers
  57. Meatballs
  58. Quiche
  59. Pita Pizza
  60. Veggie fritters
  61. Roasted Veggie Kebabs
  62. Veggie Sausage
  63. Tofu
  64. Beans (Kidney, Pinto, Black)
  65. Beets
  66. Chickpea Patties
  67. Asparagus
  68. Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches (cut small)
  69. Corn
  70. Pickles
  71. Peas
  72. Chicken and Cannellini Bean Nuggets
  73. Apricots
  74. Crackers
  75. Baby Muffins
  76. Pineapple
  77. Figs
  78. Cheerios or small wholegrain cereals
  79. Mini quesadillas
  80. Parsnips
  81. Blueberry Breakfast Cookie
  82. Prunes
  83. Turnip
  84. Eggplant
  85. Cheeries
  86. Cranberries
  87. Coconut
  88. Baked Cauliflower Tots
  89. Artichokes
  90. Leeks
  91. Zucchini Pizza Bites
  92. Dates
  93. Blackberries
  94. Kumquats
  95. Carrot apple yogurt muffins
  96. Tomato And Goat Cheese Toast
  97. Quorn or another meatless substitute
  98. Ravioli
  99. Cooked apples stuffed with sweet potato and prunes
  100. Black bean cakes with sweet potato