Baby's first cold? 3 easy ways to help relieve their congested nose 3 years ago

Baby's first cold? 3 easy ways to help relieve their congested nose

Although it can be worrying for new mums and dads when their baby is a little under the weather, know that colds are common in young children as their immune system is still developing.

In fact, because of this, babies and children will get colds more frequently than we do as adults, and symptoms include a blocked or runny nose, sneezing or high temperatures.

Unfortunately, a stuffy nose can be uncomfortable for your baby, because as well as affect his feeding (it's hard to eat when you can't breathe properly through your nose), it also often means he doesn't sleep well at night.

Usually, your baby’s congested nose will clear up by itself within a week, but in the meantime, help is at hand, mama. Here are three clever things to try if your baby's nose is congested:

1. Remove any hard mucus

Crusty, sticky little noses not only look yucky, but it can also be uncomfortable for your baby and add to his or her distress and feeling of not being able to breathe through their little nose.

Help by removing any larger bits of mucus you see, but be careful as picking this off can hurt your baby's sensitive skin. Use cotton wool and some lukewarm warm water to help you clean the outside of his nose.

2. Try some saline nose drops or nose spray


Saline solution is the only safe nasal spray for babies, infants, and toddlers.

Trying to get the drops into your baby's nose, however, can be a bit stressful. But here is a great method that works for most:

Lay the baby down on his back and, if possible, slightly tilt his head back (don't force it, though). Then spray or drip two to three drops of saline spray into each nostril. Wait a few seconds to allow the saline to get into the nose. And then, you might try using a nasal aspirator (or 'snot sucker' if you will) to help your baby get the mucus and snots out.

Remember that a baby’s nasal passages are delicate, so suction gently, not too deep, and no more than three times a day. Aspirators and bulb syringes should be cleaned after each use with a little soap and warm water. Rinse well and let it dry, tip end down.

3. Try sitting in the bathroom together

Run a hot shower for a few minutes; when the bathroom is steamy, sit in the room with your baby for a 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen congestion and relieve some of the discomforts associated with colds.´