THIS is what Brooklyn Decker buys all her friends who just had a baby 5 years ago

THIS is what Brooklyn Decker buys all her friends who just had a baby

Well, that's clever!

Any mama who has ever breastfed will probably tell you that while it is all sorts of great in many ways, it can also be tough going – especially on your poor nipples.

Which is why we are currently loving the nifty trick actress (and mum-of-two) Brooklyn Decker just shared with Purewow.

Her go-to trick? Invest in gel-based burn pads. "Whenever someone has a baby, I send them a recovery kit, and burn pads are the most requested item," she explained. "They come in a gel sheet and all you have to do is cut them into quarters and slap them onto your nipples. Then you just peel them off and re-apply in between feedings."

Decker, who is mum to son, Hank, 2, and daughter, Stevie, 8 months, swears by this clever breastfeeding hack.



"For me, there was a lot of cracking and some bleeding. It was shocking. Why does no one tell you about that? They're all like, yay, breastfeeding! But it's gory—at least in the beginning and then it's fine. Burn pads were a game-changer. It helps you heal, it soothes the nips and it's safe for baby. It's a miracle."

We love learning great tips – about anything parenting related – from other mums – becuase when it comes to raising kids, we are convinced we all have so much to learn from each other – remember, sharing is caring.