You are going to wish you had known about this dad's crazy effective sleep hack sooner 7 months ago

You are going to wish you had known about this dad's crazy effective sleep hack sooner

Out like a light!

If you have ever struggled to get your baby to finally nod off when you know they are tired, but just won't give in, you are going to be blown away by this American dad's seriously impressive technique.

Dallas-based Austin Miles Geter recently shared a clip on Facebook of him trying to soothe his newborn baby girl, Charlie, to sleep.

As he rocks little Charlie, while sitting in a chair, holding her gently under the chin, he explains that he has seen something recently that he wants to try.

"So here we are, she keeps crying because I keep having to change positions but I know she’s sleepy," Geter explains in the now viral clip. "But I heard if you gently rub their eyebrows they go to sleep. So I’m going to try it."

He starts to gently stroke his daughter's eyebrows and literally, within seconds, the tot's eyelids start to droop.

And less than a minute later, the child is completely asleep.


The clever dad pumps his fists in a silent victory, because he clearly knows better than to make a noise and ruin the miracle.

Needless to say, the clip was quickly shared by thousands, and has racked up millions of views already.

Many parents were eager to comment on the video, either to reveal they had used the same trick, or to announce they wish they had known about this when their babies were younger.

Brilliant! Wish I knew that trick 17 years ago when my daughter was a beautiful little nugget," one person wrote.

Another one added:

"She is so cute, and I rubbed all 3 of my boys' eyebrows and it worked on them."

Tell us – have YOU tried something similar, parents? Does it work as effectively for you?