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18th Oct 2019

Here’s a great way to turn pumpkin carving into a beautiful baby momento

Melissa Carton

Such a sweet idea.

I love pumpkin carving. I’m not particularly skilled at it but I love it anyway.

I’m always thinking of new and interesting ways that I can do something different and this is definitely something different.

A parent posted online showing off their pumpkin work of art involving the help of some little hands and feet.

Shared by Baby Talk the photo shows how one clever parent used their baby’s hand and footprints to create a spooky pumpkin face.

Well I say spooky, it’s actually super cute and I am seriously wondering whether or not my toddlers feet are still small enough to try this myself.

Parents commenting on the photo also left their own suggestions on other ways to try this fun Halloween idea;

 “This would be a good idea with those “paper” pumpkins you buy. Then you could have it forever.”

That’s actually a really good idea because as the commenters says, a real pumpkin will of course go off and need to be throw out.

Regardless or whether you go for a real pumpkin or go down the paper route so that you can keep it forever as a memento it’s still a really cute way to celebrate the Halloween season with your baby.