If your baby has sensitive skin or eczema - this small change could make a big difference 1 month ago

If your baby has sensitive skin or eczema - this small change could make a big difference

Brought to you by Bear's Little Fish

Baby's going to LOVE this.

If your own little bear happens to have sensitive skin, eczema, baby acne or you simply want a high quality product you can trust will be kind to your little one's skin, Bear's Little Fish might just be what you're looking for.

The Irish-owned luxury baby and toddler range was created by mum, MaryAnn Mesbur, who, with two little babies of her own, realised just how difficult it is to find high-quality and affordable goods, like blankets, bibs, Moses basket sheets and more, as well as brands that are exceptionally kind to baby and the planet.

She says:

"A friend of mine, whose baby suffered from infant eczema recommended muslin as a good fabric to reduce irritability.

"I saw that there are plenty of companies selling muslin swaddles but a limited number of American brands selling a full muslin range in Ireland — these are very expensive and only offer 100 percent cotton too.

"So I thought there might be room for an Irish brand with a better price and a superior fabric composition."

And room there is!

Keeping the promise of a better price and better quality for baby, many will be delighted to know that the line from Bear's Little Fish boasts a premium quality muslin range of sleeping bags, blankets, bath-time sets, bibs and cotton sheets, using a blend of 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent cotton.

Grow-with-me blankets are 47 x 47 inches in size & lovingly made with four layers of premium blend bamboo muslin

Exuding softness and durability, the brand's Grow-with-me four-layered muslin blanket offers superior breathability (crucial for any little ones with eczema) thanks to its thermo-regulating abilities, leaving baby as snug as a bug, no matter the season.

They make for a perfect gift too, offering beautiful prints for girls and boys plus stunning unisex versions. The Grow-with-me blanket possess some serious lasting power too. It's sized to accommodate baby from early infancy all the way to childhood and it's perfect for use during playtime, bedtime or even for a little picnic, making it incredibly versatile.

With bamboo being a super fast growing plant, replenishing itself within the space of a year (!) and being wondrously good at absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, rest assured this premium blend bamboo muslin is an environmentally friendly choice too.

So, whether you've to get to a Christening, a friend's baby shower or you're a mama on the hunt for the best of goods for your baby, click here to take a peek at the gorgeous four-layered muslin blankets online and follow Bear's Little Fish on Instagram.

Brought to you by Bear's Little Fish