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11th Aug 2020

Irish influencer Lisa Jordan reveals her little boy’s name and it’s so cute

Melissa Carton

Short and sweet.

Irish influencer Lisa Jordan recently gave birth to her third child and first little boy.

For the last little while Lisa has been keeping her newborn’s name under wraps but yesterday the Luna By Lisa creator revealed his name and it’s so sweet.

Lisa announced to her 214,000 fans that her son’s name is AJ Ace.

It’s no surprise that Lisa went for a name that’s a little different as her daughters also have unusual names in Pearl (while a classic you don’t hear it that often) and Bowie.

Fans and other Irish influencers were quick to congratulate Lisa and compliment her choice in name;

“Super cute name for a super cute boy.”

“AJ what a gorgeous name another beautiful little baby brought into the world by the best mammy”

While I wondered what the AJ might stand for it’s clear from the messages on Lisa’s Instagram that it’s something very close to her heart;

“So sentimental. Perfect name they would of adored him.”

Some believe it may stand for Alan Jordan, Lisa’s brother who sadly passed away seven years ago.

AJ Ace arrived a month sooner than expected but both mum and baby are doing fine and are already settled at home.

We wish Lisa all our congratulations on her gorgeous little boy AJ Ace.