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17th Jul 2021

The €16 safety device that should be at the top of every parents’ must-buy list

Kids Anti Lost wristband

Anyone who has ever been in possession of a toddler will know that when it comes to being out and about with them, be it in a busy shopping centre or at the park, toddlers have a tendency to stray.

And by stray, when it comes to toddlers, we could be talking anything from casually wandering off to look at something that seems interesting to literally running as fast as their little legs will let them in the opposite direction from you.

Cue heart-failure.

Yup. Such is life as a toddler parent.

Which is why, when we came across this genius buy on Amazon recently, we can’t stop recommending it to everyone.

Say hello to the Kids Anti Lost wristband.

What this clever bracelet does, is let your toddler be able to walk alongside you and explore – without being able to wander too far off. Especially in places that are really busy, or if you are walking alongside a busy road, this wristband will be peace of mind for you – while also providing your toddler with that little bit of freedom they so desperately crave.

The device is easy to use and the straps are soft, anti-pricking velcro. The size is also adjustable, and the 360°rotating cuff links allow your kids to move around freely and help them explore.

Just see for yourselves, mamas – and tell us this isn’t the cleverest thing you have seen today: