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28th Dec 2019

Parents, keep a close eye if your child got a L.O.L. Surprise Glamper Van for Christmas

Trine Jensen-Burke

L.O.L. Surprise Glamper Van

It was predicted to be one of the big Christmas toys of 2019.

And so thousands of children across the land no doubt woke up to L.O.L Surprise Glamper Vans this Christmas morning, eagerly unwrapping the colourful toy, which basically unfolds into a three-foot playhouse.

However, it didn’t take long for parents to start warning that their children were getting their fingers stuck in the Glamper Vans they got- causing painful injuries and even bleeding.

Apparently, it is a hole underneath the toy that seems to be the problem, with children getting a finger trapped, cutting off circulation and causing pain and bleeding too.

One American mum, Kiran Malone, wrote to LOL Surprise on Facebook on Christmas Day:

“Warning. My daughter got her finger stuck – pinched tightly cutting off circulation- in the LOL Glamper this morning. This product should be recalled or the design must be changed. Didn’t realize this had been happening to others until I googled it in an attempt to figure out how to get her finger.”

A Canadian mother, Camille Katherine, also took to Facebook to spread a warning about the toy after being forced to call an ambulance when her daughter got her finger stuck inside her new L.O.L Glamper.

She wrote:

“Warning about L.O.L Glamper. This weekend, while using the button that she was supposed to push to open up her L.O.L Glamper, my daughter got her thumb stuck and was unable to remove it. We tried for 20 minutes without luck and had to call our local EMS who were able to break the toy off from her.”

Another mum, Chanie Zarchie Wolf, wrote:

“Last week we bought a L.O.L glamper for our daughter for her 6th Bday. She got her finger stuck and we tried for over an hour to release it. We tried manoeuvring it and then realized it was a double layer and whenever we tried to move the top layer she would scream. ‘We couldn’t see what was happening with her finger inside. We also tried cracking it open and it was too painful for her so we kept stopping.”

According to Metro, parents have how called for the toy to be taken off the shelves and recalled, urging toy manufacturer L.O.L Surprise to redesign it to get rid of the hole on the bottom.