'Every day I’m excited': Kathryn Thomas's sweet post as baby Ellie hits 6 months 1 year ago

'Every day I’m excited': Kathryn Thomas's sweet post as baby Ellie hits 6 months


Every day, every new thing learned and new adventure (even if it's just a trip in the car) can feel significant in the life of a new parent.

Still, it's always lovely to stop and take stock when your baby does hit those big milestones.

Kathryn Thomas has marked her baby daughter Ellie reaching six months of age with a heartwarming post on Instagram.

"6 months old baby girl... I can’t believe it," the RTÉ presenter wrote.

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"Every day I’m excited by what you are discovering.

"You are strong and willful and curious and funny and full on (and exhausting...not gona lie.)"

Continuing, she wrote that she was excited to keep watching the little girl grow.

"I’m so proud of you already. I won’t always be the perfect mum, l may never pair your socks right... honestly life is too short.

"Me and your Dad are just excited for you to always be you and to play a big part in helping you figure that out."

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Kathryn and her partner Padraig McLoughlin welcomed baby Ellie back in March.

She's since returned to work, presenting Ireland's Fittest Families on RTÉ 1.

The little girl has been sleeping through the night since she was ten weeks old, Kathryn revealed earlier this month, which has allowed her to get back into a routine.

"I know that there are probably mothers out there who won't want to hear that, and I get that, but it's the truth.

"I just know how lucky we are because I just know without sleep that things would change completely, but so far so good."