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28th Oct 2019

Know a new Irish mum living abroad? The New Mammy Box is the perfect gift

Trine Jensen-Burke

The New Mammy Box

Got a sister, friend or relative living abroad who just had a baby?

Well, then we have just come across the absolute most perfect, legendary gift you should be sending their way.

Say hello to The Irish Mammy Box – the absolute essentials for a new Irish Mammy, no matter where in the world she may be – complete with a sprinkle of notions on top.

The New Mammy Box

Created by the makers of The Paddy Box, known to delivery a little bit of Irish-ness to paddies (and wanna-be paddies) around the globe, The Irish Mammy Box does just that too – delivers a little piece of Irish mammy-ness to someone who has just become a mammy themselves, but might not be in the homeland to avail of all the things an Irish mammy will need.

Beautifully gift-wrapped, The Irish Mammy Box contains:

Sudocrem Care and Protect Cream
Ovelle Baby Aqueous Cream
Water Wipes 60 pack
Elave Sensitive Body Oil
Betty & Biddy Gold Éire Map Necklace
Butlers ChocolateDrumshanbo Irish Gin Truffles Dribbleboo Bandana Bib OR Nima Pippa Bow By “Little Bow Pip”
“Little Dote” Short Sleeve Baby Grow
Johnny Magory Children’s Book
Baby Crinkle Activity Book and Toy by “Baby Bow”

How cute is this?!

Also, we love how all the bits in the box are Irish and from Irish companies.

The New Mammy Box

The New Mammy Box costs €69.95, and can be ordered from here for worldwide delivery.