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25th Jan 2018

Lucy Kennedy reveals the struggle of her teething baby

We completely understand

We completely understand.

Sometimes we feel so sorry for our little ones when they’re teething. We know it’s sore, and there’s not much we can do about it other than try comfort their little heads.

However, sometimes teething can take its toll on us too, or more specifically, our sleep.

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Well, Lucy Kennedy posted a very simple but relatable tweet yesterday, as her baby girl Jess is currently teething.

“Good morning. I’m the proud owner of…….4 hours sleep (Jess is teething),” she wrote on Twitter.

Oh, the struggle! We all know how hard the teething stage is, even Serena Williams opened up about it recently.

She posted on Instagram: “Teething – aka the devil – is so hard! Poor Alexis Olympia has been so uncomfortable.

“I’ve tried amber beads, cold towels, chew on mommies fingers, homoeopathic water (LOL on that one) but nothing is working.”

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