No more mastitis: The nifty little tool that is helping thousands of breastfeeding mums 3 years ago

No more mastitis: The nifty little tool that is helping thousands of breastfeeding mums

Breastfeeding is amazing.

I feel so grateful to have been able to feed both my babies for a year each, but saying that, much as I loved it, it certainly did not come entirely easy for me.

With my first baby, I developed mastitis not once, but twice, and needed an antibiotic to clear it. With baby #2, he for some reason preferred taking his milk from just the one boob, and it took a lot of persistence and tears (on both our parts) and a nipple shield to get him to also drink from the other one.

Many breastfeeding mums go through similar experiences, and both blocked milk ducts and mastitis are fairly common.

However, now there is a tool out that can help with just that, and has I known about when I was still breastfeeding, I would have literally not hesitated to order one immediately.

The LaVie Lactation Massager is designed to stimulate and soften milk ducts helping to increase output, encourage a faster letdown reflex, soften up the breast to help baby latch more easily and empty the breast optimally.

In other words; it is a massage device, and by using it on your boobs, you can help keep blocked ducts from happening, as well as help to relieve the pain of milk-engorged breasts and keep the milk moving through the breast which can ward off some of the complications that can, if left untreated, lead to mastitis.


The shape of the LaVie Lactation massager makes it super-easy to use. It feels soft and gentle on the skin as it is made from medical grade silicone, and it even has a number of different modes which can be used depending on need.

One side of the device is wide to help stimulate and soften the breast and spark letdown, while the narrow tip is designed to help ease blockages from milk ducts, which can cause mastitis, and the scooped edge helps to encourage milk flow and minimise engorged breasts.

I love how it is water-proof, meaning you can use it when in the shower, which is where I found it most comfortable to give my boobs a little massage when I was feeding my babies.

Made to be easy to use, the massager is rechargeable via USB and comes in a handy carry case.

The LaVie Lactation Massager available to order from Amazon for just £39.99, and it has been getting some really great reviews from mums who have used it:

One mum wrote:

"I started out trying the massager before and after pumping as a means of trying to clear out some of those annoying blockages. It wasn’t long before I started using it while I was pumping. I immediately noticed that the massager wasn’t only helping to clear out blocked areas, it was also helping me to pump more efficiently, too. For a while, I was actively using one massager and was constantly switching its placement from side to side while I pumped. I recently discovered that Amazon was selling the massagers, and I decided to order a second one."

Another one commented:

"I hesitated to purchase this because I thought it would just be a cheap vibrating back massager with a big price tag because the word "lactation" was involved. I'm happy to say that this is NOT the case! I love this massager! Sure, it vibrates like a simple and cheap back massager, but there is something special about the shape and the material that it is made from. These elements make it work perfectly for massaging while pumping."