One genius (and adorable) trick that might help your baby fall to sleep 1 year ago

One genius (and adorable) trick that might help your baby fall to sleep

Anyone tried this?

Getting a baby to sleep can be difficult. Often, they become so reliant on the mother or father to fall asleep that you get into a pattern where that's the only option. Letting them fall asleep without you just doesn't seem to be a possibility, and closing that door with a screaming baby is too much to bear for anyone.

Sometimes you have to strike a balance between leaving your guilt at the door and knowing that you are doing the right thing, for you and your baby.

But, if you're just not able for that, this genius trick could help solve the dilemma in the interim.

'Scenting the crib' is a popular trick which some parents are swearing by. It involves leaving your scent behind so that when your baby wakes, or is nodding off, they feel your presence through your smell.

The baby will smell the familiar scent and will feel safer and more at ease, coaxing them to sleep.

Some parents, who are going a step further, are putting an item of their clothing, with their scent, around a pillow to recreate their frame which gives babies the same comfort.


Writing about her experience of this, one woman said:

"To whoever suggested you put something with your scent in the crib to coax the baby to sleep.. OMG.. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

My husband and I really wanted our guy to sleep in his crib but he would only sleep on or near us. It was causing us to cosleep (which I secretly loved) but we both agreed wasn't the best choice for us as parents.

Last night after the third attempt to get our boy asleep in his crib I walked into the nursery with my t-shirt and this little guy went right to sleep twice for four hours! We are so happy!

It was worth a try and it worked like a charm"