In my opinion, this is the ONLY advice new parents should be given about babies and sleep 1 year ago

In my opinion, this is the ONLY advice new parents should be given about babies and sleep

You've got to wonder how mums managed back in the day – when our mothers and grandmothers had their children.

Back when there weren't so many books and blogs and experts and consultants and column inches dedicated to babies and sleep.

Seriously – think about it – getting a baby to sleep has now turned into an entire industry. There are authors and "experts" now making a lot of money telling tired and unravelling new parents how to get their babies to go to sleep. Interesting, isn't it? I mean – how the heck did mums get their babies to sleep before the internet...?

I only really discovered people's obsession with sleep when I had my first baby and everyone started asking: "Is she sleeping for you?" Or: "How is she sleeping?"

I mostly co-slept due to breastfeeding and the fact that co-sleeping was lovely and sort of made sense to me, and while she woke up a few times through the night, I never thought much of it, always just figuring someday she'd probably stop waking up for food. Which, at almost one, she eventually did.

To be fair, she still woke every now and again after turning one too, but we just snuggled a bit and she went back to sleep, and I never really counted how often she woke and tried to analyse it in any way – I just assumed such is life with children. And when my little boy joined the family a few years later, I just repeated this and never really had any drama over sleep – despite the fact that he was probably closer to two before he stopped waking for food or snuggles.

The thing is – I feel like the sleep issue is making parents feel more anxious and stressed than they need to be, mostly because there is this expectation that babies "should" start sleeping through the night from just a few weeks old, making mums and dads feel like they are doing something wrong if this isn't the case.

Adding so, so much stress at a time where you really should just lower those shoulders and just, to an extent at least, go with the flow.


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Take that in, parents – stop worrying, try to get some rest when your baby sleeps (even if it means starting to go to bed a lot earlier than you would have before) and just trust the fact that eventually, your baby will get better at sleeping and life will return to a more predictable pattern.

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