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Early years

14th Dec 2018

This beautiful keepsake is the perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas

Melissa Carton

baby names

As a parent your baby’s first Christmas is always a special time.

I know when it was my child’s first Christmas I really wanted something to commemorate the occasion and I wish I had had something like this.

If this year is your baby’s first Christmas and you’re looking for something special to mark the occasion, this festive keepsake is just ideal.

This keepsake ornament will help you to capture and remember your child’s first twelve Christmas days.

The ornament can be opened so you can insert little messages to your child inside of the bauble. It can be then be hung on your Christmas tree as your own unique special touch.

I kept my son and daughter’s shoes from when they were newborns to use as Christmas decorations, but even though my eldest is now six, I’m tempted to buy two of these for our tree.

This is also a great gift if your friend and family member have a new baby. Trust me they’ll love it.

The Baby Keepsake Ornament is available from Irish store Jackanory and is priced at €16.95.